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Artistic images and beautiful photos are well liked. If you like pictures you are most welcome inside. After all, there are so many photo sites so why not one more?
Maybe you agree that some pictures have that something extra? Maybe you'll find something you like. It's really nice if you come in to see.

Shuttered eye © Eric Hammerin
My eyes are shuttered ...
Red shoes on paradise beach © Eric Hammerin

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... and if you want to see pictures
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Pictures from India showing both nature and culture from large parts of the immense country where almost anything is possible.

Pictures from Thailand with both paradise beaches and trekking in nature up in the northern mountains; from Bangkok and the countryside.

Pictures from Burma or Myanmar as it's called nowadays. A fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage. Temple pictures and people.

Pictures from Singapore seen from different angles. Architecture and parks, the harbour and industrial areas.

Pictures from the Philippines with its 7107 scenic islands. A country with many stong colours and experiences.

Pictures from Sweden and its nature, history och culture. Pictures that show specific places and also more general views.

Pictures from Skane or Scania presenting the many aspects of this landscape / province of southern Sweden. From spring flowers and beech forests to castles and mansions.

Pictures from Bohuslan is always a hit. Sweden's front window to the west is shown from its best side. Fishing ports and rock carvings.

Pictures from Stockholm with many of the best motifs plus a few more. The Swedish capital is a beautiful city!

Pictures from Tallinn in Estonia with its particularly well preserved oldest part, Vana Linn or Vanalinn and the baroque castle Kadriorg.

Pictures from Riga which during the second half of the 17th century was Sweden's second capital and the largest city in the powerful Swedish nation.

Pictures from London the largest city in Europe with about 12 million inhabitants. Many sights and views and interesting stuff to see.

Pictures of coral reefs with virtually innumerable life forms among corals and fishes, starfish, nudibranches, sponges, mussles ...

Underwater pictures from the Swedish west coast, i.e. Bohuslan and Scanian Kullen. Fishes, starfish, tunicates, seaweed, mussles, crabs ...
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